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What you will find on this site

This website was initially designed to offer a presentation. The aim was (and is) to establish once and for all a series of considerations capable of explaining the impasse which world governance  finds itself in.

The presentation - accompanied by explanatory notes - can be used by anyone who shares its contents. Indeed, it is desirable that it should be shared by anyone exercising forms of activism in the political and/or environmental sphere, even with new critical enrichments that we would certainly appreciate. The Conversations on our time - this is the title of the presentation - offers a significant contribution towards the freeing of the intellect from the chains of falsehoods which, repeated indefinite times, have become false "truths".

Obviously, reality is far more complex than a series of slides and the corresponding accompanying notes can clarify. It is therefore a matter of working in perspective to ensure that a progressive in-depth work can give further strength to the initial theses.

This site will host articles, references and links in this direction, even though - in order to respect its simplicity and at the same time pursue the consolidation of basic concepts - we will try to select the contributions without overloading it with topics which might too dispersive.

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