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About us

The Our Future Collective was born in the Canavese area, close to Turin, as a result of studies of and reflections on the relationship between society and the environment. Although an abundant production of this literature can be found, the comrades involved in the Collective believe that the issue should be shifted to a yet unexplored field. The mitigation of the crisis ("mitigation", since we will have to live in a condition of crisis for a long time) and the necessary political action, in fact, require the development of ideas which are both essential and elusive in western culture.

In a nutshell they are:

1 - the awareness of an inevitable decline of the affluent society that no technological evolution will ever be able to solve;

2 - the need to establish a socialist economy and corresponding institutional structures since, if we insist on defending the market society, the crisis can only lead humanity to its ruin;

...but most of all...

3 - the awareness that the human being will be able to carve out his/her own "republic" in absolute respect for the biotic community, which it is a simple - but not even an essential - part of.

The third point sets an unbridgeable distance from any institutional ecological-environmentalism and definitively paves the way for the criticism of speciesist visions that have accompanied the devastating practices of our species for thousands of years.

Only with this awareness is a cultural, social and political resistance against the adverse forces that are leading humanity to a dead end, will be possible.