Fifth question:
when and where to achieve the goals?

Here the thought becomes silent. Times and places depend on the speed of maturation of the new political subject who decides to attempt the greatest of revolutions. In fact, no individual, in their singularity, can give indications or foresee such important prospects in their development. We are talking about objectives that require the planning and political effort of immense collectives. Is it possible to imagine something about it? It is possible to try, knowing however that reality takes its own way and that it is almost never that foreseen by "strategists". Let's try, therefore, but knowing full well that the spaceship Earth must be repaired while it is sailing in time and this will involve attempts, errors, corrections in open space conditions.

Let's imagine that, in any part of the world, any group of people thinks they have to start operating and call themselves together. Gradually born groups will join together and, by widening the range of action of the interventions they deem necessary, they will begin the constitution of the new political subjectivity.

In the shortest possible time, the first territorial government units must appear which, compatibly with the possibilities offered by the specific situations, will join up to become authentic state institutions. The real leap will manifest itself in the moment in which the States themselves, now completely liberated, will join up to offer a model for those who still continue to operate according to the old paradigm. The ultimate goal will be to lead to the final disappearance of the old world. Critics spoiled by anarchoid weaknesses and obsessed with "bottom-up developments" will have to be made to understand that the dismantling of this necrotized system will require very great and very delicate governance and management skills. It will certainly require participation from below, but also a wide stratification of intermediate bodies and political solutions from above. Suffice it to say that, due to globalization, the map of peoples with that of resources cannot be superimposed by now. Only at the end of a long process of transformation and consolidation of a new environment now restored will it be possible to begin to dismantle the large political and administrative structures which, finally, will be useless.

This leads us to discover how misleading and self-defeating another assumption of the environmental culture that reads: "think global, act local". Thought must develop at every level because reality permeates every level. And the action must operate at every level because every social and natural instance is connected with all the above and below levels. In reality, that thought presupposes local adaptation to a global reality that is taken for granted and cannot be modified except for processes that cannot be determined by human subjectivities.

Instead, it is necessary to postulate a subjectivity articulated on several levels and aware of its own objectives, if we want humanity to find peace in (and with) the biotic community. It will be a universal political subjectivity that, while rebuilding the relationship with the environment that gave it life, will have the historical opportunity to remedy those damages that have always accompanied the history of our species and that are not attributable to nature, but to the distorted relationships that humans have adopted to poison their lives. Therefore, at the end of the reconstruction process, three fundamental concepts will be the yardstick for probing the effectiveness of the results achieved: brotherhood, equality, justice. Let's remember the simple words with which Greta Thunberg photographed the problem perfectly:

Our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunity of a very small number of people to continue making enormous amounts of money. Our biosphere is being sacrificed so that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. It is the sufferings of the many which pay for the luxuries of the few (1).

Maybe it could be the search for salvation to allow the realization of those values that humanity has tried to pursue uselessly since time immemorial!

1. Greta Thunberg: speech to the COP24 conference in Katowice